Step 1/6:

To identify the goal, that  God Willing is achieving peace between the United States of America and the Islamic Republic of Iran. 

Step 2/6:

Setting a date to achieving the goal:  God Willing to be by the end of 2022.

Step 3/6:

Identify the obstacles to achieve the goal. The list is all listed here.

Step 4/6: Identify organizations that could think thank and or contribute 

4A) The United Nations

4B) National Iranian American Council (NIAC)

4C) United States Institute of Peace

Step 5/6:

Identify individuals that are able to think tank and or contribute towards the goal

5A) The Honorable Mrs. Zahrah Souleimanie

Step 6/6: Planning

Negotiations will be held at in Jerusalem by the end of 2022 with NIAC and Mrs. Souleimanie present and me as the moderator.