God willing, cease fire in Palestine, now and negotiate the
2-States solution. Enough is enough

Fariborz Frank Fouladi on February 21st, 2023, Bethesda Maryland suburb Washington D.C. USA. A registered Republican but an Independent Diplomat.

My letter to the FBI

Please; meet, the peace seeker, Fariborz FRANK Fouladi father of; Mohammad ad Houssein and Nour Alhouda, both born in Dubai, UAE.

Sister County and a Region

Montgomery Country

Montgomery County is the most populous county in the U.S. state of Maryland, located adjacent to Washington, D.C. As of the 2010 census, the county’s population was 971,777, increasing by 8.1% to an estimated 1,050,688 in 2019. The county seat and largest municipality is Rockville, although the census-designated place of Germantown is the most populous city within the county. Montgomery County is included in the Washington–Arlington–Alexandria, DC–VA–MD–WV Metropolitan Statistical Area, which in turn forms part of the Baltimore–Washington Combined Statistical Area. Most of the county’s residents live in unincorporated locales, of which the most urban are Silver Spring and Bethesda, although the incorporated cities of Rockville and Gaithersburg are also large population centers, as are many smaller but significant places

Access to food, shelter, health care, education, and safety for the citizens is the job of the government in Montgomery County, Maryland. The country also has the highest number of Ph.D. police officers than any other county within the USA

As one of the most affluent counties in the United States, Montgomery County also has the highest percentage (29.2%) of residents over 25 years of age who hold post-graduate degrees. The county has been ranked as one of the wealthiest in the United States. Like other inner-suburban Washington, D.C. counties, Montgomery County contains many major U.S. government offices, scientific research and learning centers, and business campuses, which provide a significant amount of revenue for the county.

On July 1, 1922, the Montgomery County Police Department was established. Prior to that time, law enforcement duties rested in the Montgomery County Sheriff and designated constables. In 1922, the police department consisted of three to six officers who were appointed to two-year terms by the Board of County Commissioners, one of whom would be appointed as Chief. In 1927, the police department was enlarged to twenty officers.

The police officers’ job in the Montgomery County, Maryland is to “protect and serve the citizens”. Montgomery County, Maryland is a socialist and capitalist society with a “Never-ending improvements policy”.

Montgomery County is an important business and research center. It is the epicenter for biotechnology in the Mid-Atlantic region. Montgomery County, as the third-largest biotechnology cluster in the U.S., holds a large cluster and companies of large corporate size within the state. Biomedical research is carried out by institutions including Johns Hopkins University’s Montgomery County Campus (JHU MCC), and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI). Federal government agencies in Montgomery County engaged in related work include the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USUHS), and the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research.

Greater Khorasan

Khorāsān pronounced [xoɾɒːˈsɒːn] sometimes called Greater Khorasan, is a historical region that formed the northeast province of Greater Iran. The name Khorāsān is Persian and means “where the sun arrives from” or “the Eastern Province”. The name was first given to the eastern province of Persia during the Sasanian Empire and was used from the late middle ages in distinction to neighboring Transoxiana.

Khorasan comprised the present territories of northeastern Iran, parts of Afghanistan, and southern parts of Central Asia. The province was often subdivided into four-quarters, such that Nishapur (present-day Iran), Marv (present-day Turkmenistan), Herat, and Balkh (present-day Afghanistan) were the centers, respectively, of the westernmost, northernmost, central, and easternmost quarters.In a strict sense of the term, Khorasan stretched as far as the Oxus river. However, the name has often been used in a loose sense to include a wider region that included most of Transoxiana (encompassing Bukhara and Samarqand in present-day Uzbekistan), extended westward to the Caspian coast and to the Great Desert Dasht-e Kavir, southward to Sistan, and eastward to Pamir Mountains.

In modern times, the term has been a source of great nostalgia and nationalism, especially amongst the Tajiks of Central Asia. Many Tajiks regard Khorasan as an integral part of their national identity, which has preserved an interest in the term, including its meaning and cultural significance, both in common discussion and academia, despite its falling out of political use in the region. According to Ghulam Mohammad Ghobar, Afghanistan’s current Persian-speaking territories formed the major portion of Khorasān, as two of the four main capitals of Khorasān (Herat and Balkh) are now located in Afghanistan. Ghobar uses the terms “Proper Khorasan” and “Improper Khorasan” in his book to distinguish between the usage of Khorasān in its strict sense and its usage in a loose sense. According to him, Proper Khorasan contained regions lying between Balkh in the east, Merv in the north, Sistan in the south, Nishapur in the west, and Herat, known as the Pearl of Khorasan, in the center. Improper Khorasan’s boundaries extended to as far as Hazarajat and Kabul in the east, Baluchistan in the south, Transoxiana and Khwarezm in the north, and Damghan and Gorgan in the west

American, Iranian, Challenged by Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and or a just peace seeker where promoting: nonproliferation of nuclear material and “Money Trumps Peace”, kindly read the following ideas in the language of your choice. Sincerely, F.F. Fouladi

As Mr. Nader Angha wrote on the last page, of the book Peace: “I ask all mighty God, the one and only God of the human family, for his blessings and prosperity, justice and peace for all the children of Man. Time is short and the day of judgment is near.” Let’s use the late Zig Ziglar to manifest peace between the USA and the IRI, insha’Allah, and if God permits. 

Library of Congress Catalog No. 87-063381 I.S.B.N. 0-910735-12-3

Chronologically speaking, one nation is more than five thousand years old. The other less than 500 years old. Now, these two nations are friends. I admire their friendship, may God bless them, as well as the rest of the world. Let’s all bring peace to the world. I am a Muslim, Persian native, proud Marylander since 1977, and American patriot. “Money Trumps Peace”: W. Let’s do business! 

I didn’t know the cultural diversity among the “Muslims” until I worked in the wonderful UAE and married to an Egyptian native, as the two of our  children were born in Dubai. It is crucial that the Persia, later Iran and since the revolution 1979, the Islamic Republic of Iran is a new nation with that is evolving, as the USA of 1776 is a never ending improvement.

“Face of Terror is not the true faith of Islam”, “Liberty is not USA’s gift to the world, but the All-Mighty s gift to humanity” The Honorable President George W Bush.

The USA and the IRI animosity could easily defuse into a fantastic economical boom for both nations. Here are the two challenges: one, creating East and West Jerusalems as the Capitals of two independent nations, Israel and Palestine. Two: democratic governments for Syria, Yaman, and Bahrein. 

Time is short, the day of judgment is near.
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